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Energy Server

The Centauri Energy Server is a plug-and-play, modular, hardware and software device, that accepts simultaneous, multiple energy inputs from both renewable and non-renewable sources, manages distribution of the energy inputs to load and storage (and grid if required), and from storage to load during nighttime, regulates output power quality, manages intermittency, balances the batteries and delivers stable and reliable electricity, 24 hours a day, at or below grid parity in selected territories.

The Centauri is available from kilowatts to megawatts with a design life of 20 years.

Centauri enables energy independence in the true sense.

Build as You Grow

Modular Architecture For Customer-Centric Operability

The system’s modular architecture delivers un-matched flexibility for customer-centric operability. The system can be re-configured continually to meet evolving business needs – at the time they are required.

New renewable or non-renewable generation sources can be added if and when they become available. Power generation can be increased as demand increases. Additional outputs can be added when required. A variety of battery technologies are compatible and can be configured to operate simultaneously.

Enables capital investment optimization throughout the life of the asset.

Incorporates a Build-as-you-Grow philosophy.

Revenue Maximization

Island / Non-Islanding Mode

Centauri operates in both non-island and island mode, with functionality that delivers maximum flexibility in interconnections with the grid while maximizing economic benefits both for the utility and the micro-grid owner. Power can be fed into the grid directly from generation sources or from storage. The micro-grid can island during times of high demand on the grid, thereby reducing load on the grid, or in the event of grid failure.

All events and policies are programmable with no hardware or software upgrades or additions required.

Incorporates revenue maximization for the micro-grid owner and utility.

Operational Cost Optimization

Flexibility to Use Multiple Battery Chemistries

The Centauri accepts a wide range of battery technologies which can be integrated and operated simultaneously. This provides unmatched flexibility to operators.

A proprietary charging algorithm increases the capacity of selected battery chemistries by up to 40% and eliminates the limitation of DOD, thus optimizing operational cost of storage.

An inbuilt battery balancing system actively monitors batteries at the individual cell level and prevents overcharging, thereby maximizing cell life.

User Programmable To Manage Changing Conditions

Communication, Automation and Control

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. (Benjamin Disraeli). The Centauri provides the ultimate in operational control through its communication, automation and control modules, enabling real-time policy management and monitoring for optimal operation during the life of the asset.

Start Saving Quickly

Plug-And-Play Configuration For Fast Go-To-Market

Centauri is a plug-and-play configuration with the entire BOS integrated within the machine, allowing rapid deployment, rapid go-to-generation, and ultimately, savings for the client.

Reduced Capital Cost

Torque Load Handling and High Efficiency

The Centauri is designed to operate at high voltage, with an inverter that delivers independent torque load functionality. The resulting architecture eliminates the need for inverter oversizing to manage high torque load profiles, as well minimizing system losses to under 5% due to operation at high voltage design.

These features result in an optimal system configuration and reduces overall system cost.