Energy Server - Applications


Stable and reliable 24-hour electricity for communities of any sort with or without grid access.

The Centauri energy server enables electricity to be supplied to any sort of community using 100% renewable energy generation or a blend of renewable + non-renewable energy generation, with utility-grade power output quality, reliability and stability.

In remote locations with no or poor grid access, Centauri based solutions can eliminate fossil fuel powered generators, eliminating CO2 emissions completely as well as the dependency on fossil fuel supplies that are not only costly, but also uncertain.

In locations with grid access, Centauri based solutions can be deployed at critical assets (military bases, hospitals, fire stations, police, rescue, data centers etc.), interconnected with the grid, but islanding and seamlessly switching to other power sources in emergency situations. Centauri based solutions can be deployed at the residential, commercial and industrial level reducing congestion and deferring generation and T&D investment, and eliminating the need of incentives such as NEM programs.

Applications include residential, commercial and industrial communities; university campuses; critical services; military bases; mines; agricultural farms; island states; worker camps; prefabricated housing; displaced persons' camps; private virtual networks; telecom towers.

Utility Grade Storage Interconnection

Seamless, plug-and-play interconnection for utility grade battery systems.

The Centauri Energy Server offers functionality for the interconnection between utility grade storage and the grid, with ultra-fast switching enabling bi-directional power conversion, enabling grid power to charge the batteries in a controlled manner, or enabling battery power to be fed back to the grid.

The Centauri Energy Server offers harmonics filtering, power factor control, a high resolution (1024 bit) sine wave, synchronization with the grid frequency and a stable output. It responds to changing conditions, providing energy at a controlled ramp rate, but also injects power quickly to correct short- term frequency fluctuations. The Centauri server has the capability of dynamically controlling power factor by supplying the grid with the requested amount of real or reactive power on demand, over a wide range and is battery chemistry agnostic.

Applications include deployment with energy storage systems that enable utility operators to substantially reduce waste, greenhouse gases and other emissions, while createing efficiencies and lowering costs in their electricity distribution networks.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solutions

The Centauri energy server delivers torque load handling, multiple generation input capability, seamless switching between inputs, harmonics filtering, power factor correction, high resolution (1024 bit) sine wave, un-matched dc to ac efficiency, and generation input 5x rated server capacity, thus enabling energy independence.

Since the server can accept 5x its rated capacity as generation input, enough power is generated through renewable sources for 24-hour usage. Coupled with storage, Centauri provides cost-effective energy for 24 hours. The server's torque load handling capability allows any load to be operated directly.

Applications include homes, businesses, factories, hospitals, resorts, golf courses, recreational parks, mines, workers camp housing, container housing, displaced persons camps, telecom towers.