Energy Storage - Applications


The Sirius battery can be deployed in any micro-grid, of any size, anywhere. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, community, village, town, city, mines, oil and gas infrastructure, remote sites (i.e. Alaska, Northern Canada, Russia, and China, etc.), worker accommodations in remote camps, displaced person’s camps, and telecom tower infrastructure.

Utility Grade Storage

Kilowatt Labs’ Sirius can provide multiple services to the grid to deliver higher rates of efficiency, and more efficient use of capital already invested in the grid infrastructure.

With 99%+ round-trip efficiency, high temperature tolerance, 1 million charge cycles, 100% DOD, long duration discharge, fast-charge capabilities, Sirius provides an array of support services when connected to the grid, either by devoting all its capacity to a single service or to multiple services simultaneously. With the Centauri Energy Server, the service mix that provides the optimal benefit to the grid in real time can be determined and supplied. The Sirius battery offers solutions for frequency regulation, renewable integration, T&D deferral, spinning reserve, peak shaving, ramping support and voltage support.

Electric Vehicles

Bringing Instant Mobility to the Electric Vehicle Industry.

With a charging time of less than 15 seconds, the Sirius battery enables instant mobility to electric vehicles, putting them at par with a combustion engine car. With an energy density of 115Wh/kg of delivered energy, a cycle life of 15,000 cycles, high temperature tolerance and low cost, Sirius battery enables electric vehicles' attributes to exceed combustion engine cars for the first time.

The Sirius battery can be deployed in all kinds of vehicles, 2 and 3-wheel vehicles, passenger trucks and buses, trains, trams, SUV's, industrial vehicles, and military vehicles.

Behind-The-Meter Residential, Commercial And Industrial Solutions

Sirius storage can be deployed in demand charge reduction applications, with unmatched technical and economic metrics. It can be deployed as a resource in demand response programs instead of fossil fuel alternatives. Together, with the Centauri Energy Server and PV solar, it can be deployed to provide 24x7 power in territories that have high tariffs, and discontinued NEM programs.

The Sirius battery can be deployed in homes, commercial establishments, factories, refrigerated containers, and telecom towers.