LeAnne Graves: Net metering is shaky ground

July 23, 2016  / The National

Dubai envisions solar spanning over large distances and sitting atop every roof with ample room for growth. Until there isn't. When a big-chain supermarket arrives to a neighbourhood, small businesses start to panic – and the same can be said with the big guys of solar. [...]

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UAE motorists to pay more at the pump in June

May 29, 2016  / The National

Motorists will see a bigger hit on their wallets during Ramadan as the price of petrol is set to increase for a third consecutive month on the heels of a slight rebound in oil prices. The prices across the board are to rise nearly 5 per cent, while diesel will see the biggest [...]

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Infrastructure ME March 2016

Mar, 2016  / Infrastructure ME

Market research specialist Ventures Onsite estimates that the GCC will require about $50bn of investments in new power generating capacity meet demand arising from demographic and economic growth. Currently, the total value of power projects in the GCC is $247bn. [...]

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Sell the Oil

Mar, 2016  / Gulf Online

Assuming a daily consumption of 288 million kWh and 5 hours per day of solar generation, a solar plant of 57,000 MWp can generate 100% of UAE's electricity consumption (space required is a piece of land about 10 km x 10 km). With storage technology now available [...]

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Frozen out?

Feb, 2016  / Gulf Online

As the winter storm Jonas blitzed through the US east coast late last month, New York's utilities were challenged to keep the lights on. Thousands lost power in the world's financial nerve centre, prompting many analysts, as well as consumers, to ask whether [...]

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To Net Meter or Not to Net Meter

May, 2016  / Gulf Online

The end of net metering (NEM) in the US states of Hawaii and Nevada has brought the NEM debate mainstream. Solar and green advocates, and solar vendors, blame "greedy, monopolistic" utilities for standing in the way of a cheaper and cleaner electricity future [...]

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