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Sirius supercap telecom storage range is suitable for deployment in any BTS configuration including good grid, bad grid and off-grid sites. Easy plug-and-play integration with existing rectifiers, and a wide operating temperature range delivers reliable and consistent backup resulting in increased uptime of the network. High charge / discharge rate capability and multiple cycling delivers significant opex savings in diesel genset operation. Sirius supercap storage is now the benchmark for telecom storage – enabling increased revenue through higher uptime and lower costs through opex savings.


KiloWatt Labs – One Of The Top Solar Battery Storage Companies KiloWatt Labs takes utmost pride in presenting groundbreaking technologies focused on storing energy in a more so environmentally friendly and safer manner. We present a range of solar battery storage solutions for various industries across the world. We boast of a fully-equipped manufacturing facility based in Dubai that is spread over 5 acres of land and has a production capacity of 250MWh per year that is scalable to 600MWh per year, thereby being the largest supercap storage facility in the world. The efficient operations of our facility are guaranteed…


Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrid solutions deliver electricity connectivity with unprecedented performance at the lowest cost in the world. Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrids are based on the patented Centauri Energy Server and Sirius Energy Storage modules, combined with renewable and non-renewable generation sources. The Centauri Energy Server delivers power control system functionality to operate a microgrid. It eliminates the need to procure, install, and sync multiple elements like PV inverters, MPPTs, battery inverters, SCADA, microgrid controllers, communication and logging software, safeties, etc. Combined with Sirius Energy Storage, Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrid solutions deliver reliable, stable, consistent, and maintenance-free electricity affordably, which can be deployed…

UPS Labs Sirius-Technical Data Sheet-5000-384-A-1C-TM-SD-A-X-DC-G -v092020.pdf

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Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment like floor cleaning machines, are an integral part of keeping commercial and industrial facilities clean and safe all over the world. Cleaning schedules demand that the machines used during these operations have a reliable power source to ensure efficiency, and to keep the equipment up and running consistently. Chemical batteries require battery change-out rooms, multiple battery banks for shiftwork, and time-consuming battery maintenance – all of which hinder productivity and profitability. Being electrostatic with no chemicals, Sirius Supercap Storage enables continuous equipment availability due to rapid charging, deploys significantly reduced capacity to achieve the same output as chemical…


In today’s fast-response and just-in-time logistics industry, the uptime of material handling equipment is critical in meeting delivery timelines. Keeping operational costs down is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in this fiercely competitive industry. Chemical batteries require battery change-out rooms, multiple battery banks for shiftwork, and time-consuming battery maintenance – all of which hinder productivity and profitability. Sirius Supercap Storage is exceptionally useful in environments that entail forklift operations because it has high sustained voltage, with high round-trip efficiency levels. It generates minimal heat during operation, and with the fastest charge capability in industry, can be charged fully…

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