To meet the demand for high-quality and continuous power availability for critical processes, UPS with battery storage are deployed throughout the world. Storage enables transition between generation sources and provides ride-through backup – this is, therefore, the most critical part of the UPS infrastructure.

Sirius has a high C-rate functionality that ensures quick recharge times, which in turn, optimizes capacity. There is no degradation in capacity over time, which eliminates the need for complex battery management and reduces space capacity requirements by 50%. It also offers a -10⁰C to 55⁰C operating temperature range and no heat generation, which eliminates the need for temperature compensation and optimizes the HVAC process.

With a proven service life, and no cyclic degradation or heat generation during cycling, Sirius Supercap Storage is the best storage solution available for UPS applications – industrial, commercial, or residential.

Medium Voltage

Low Voltage



Key Features

Optimal operating temperature range-10⁰C to 55⁰C
Extreme temperature range-30°C to 80°C
Max. charge / discharge rate1C to 2C
Capacity available100%
Over temperature
Short circuit
Heat generated during cyclingNo
Capacity degradation due to cyclingNo


  • No capacity degradation due to cycling – delivers consistent backup and eliminates the need for complex battery management
  • High charge/discharge rate enables capacity optimization and more availability
  • -10⁰C to 55⁰C operating temperature range eliminates the need for temperature compensation
  • 100% capacity within operating temperature range
  • No heat generated during cycling reduces HVAC requirement
  • Remote monitoring
  • No risk of thermal runaway
  • No maintenance required during warehousing or post-installation
  • Environmentally friendly – no disposal impact, fully recyclable

Summary Data Sheet

Model Number 5000-384-A-1C-TM-SD-A-G 10000-384-A-1C-TM-SD-A-G
Voltage (Nominal) 384 Vdc
Maximum Charge Voltage 432 Vdc
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 352 Vdc
Energy Capacity 5000Wh 10000Wh
Maximum Charge Rate 16A 30A
Maximum Discharge Rate 16A 60A
Dimensions (w × d × h) (mm) 567 x 660 x 931.50 567 x 640 x 1089
Weight (kg) 178 277


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