Kilowatt Labs’ Exclusive Value Added Reseller Program

Are you ready to shape the future with us? If you are, please email us on and include your company profile, explaining your core business and why you can sell our product range effectively, key client relationships, significant projects completed, sales and technical head count, number of offices, conferences attended, marketing campaigns run and distribution network built.

At Kilowatt Labs, we believe that the best results in any business are achieved with a strong combination of committed employees and business partners, in an open and trustworthy environment.

To join our exclusive Value Added Reseller (VAR) program, our specialist partners must be:

  • Operating for at least 5 years, with a good track record of sales and strong customer relationships in business segments where our products have a market e.g. energy, utility, storage, telco, microgrid, rural electrification etc.
  • Resourced to deliver the following activities:
    • Lead generation
    • Sales and customer acquisition
    • Promotion and marketing
    • Technical design
    • Import, logistics and warehousing
    • Installation and commissioning
    • After-sales and warranty support
  • Able to stock product

In order to ensure our VAR’s effectively compete in the market and are able to achieve dominant market share, we provide comprehensive support in the form of:

  1. Training - Digital & In-Person Training Sessions
    1. Technical training.
    2. Sales training.
    3. Marketing.
    4. New product.
  2. Demand Creation
    1. Assistance in drafting of news content for publishing in local media.
    2. Placement of content in international media.
  3. Marketing
    1. Marketing collateral of reference sites.
    2. Video clips for social media.
    3. Promotional materials.
    4. Co-funding participation in at least one exhibition per year.
    5. Assistance in designing technical seminars.
    6. Merchandising.
  4. Factory Visits for key customers.
  5. Business leads generated from the KWL website.

Open Frame Sirius (OFS) Partner Program

Becoming an OFS Partner enables you to build foreground IP around Sirius supercap storage and deploy it in your product. By doing so, you are able to differentiate your product from your competition that is using chemical storage and therefore, rapidly increase your market share.

The OFS solution consists of a supercap based storage pack (supercap cells connected in series and parallel), Kilowatt Labs proprietary control electronics, and communication protocols. The OFS solution is designed on the parameters defined by the OFS Partner (VDC, Wh, C-rate, size, volume etc.), which is then embedded by the OFS Partner with its integration systems (its foreground IP) and deployed in an industry specific solution. Examples include solutions for drones, medical apparatus, gardening equipment, power tools, AGV’s, mining machinery, earth moving equipment and much more.

As an OFS Partner, you receive a license to use the OFS solution specific to your application that enables you to deploy it in your product and sell in your defined territory. You can also sell the OFS solution combined with your foreground IP to other product manufacturers. Finally, as an OFS licensee, you get access to the world’s leading R&D lab designing supercap storage solutions, technical training, training and after-sales support.

Please contact us on to find out more about becoming an OFS Partner.

Regional Stockist

Join Kilowatt Labs and Infusion Solar Energy Systems LLC, its global stockist partner, as a Regional Stockist, and become part of the rollout of the most exciting renewable energy products in the world – Sirius supercap storage and the Centauri energy server.

In order to lower delivery times, Kilowatt Labs with Infusion Solar Energy Systems, is establishing regional warehousing and stocking facilities in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Oceania. If you have warehousing capacity and investment capital, then becoming a Regional Stockist will allow you to utilize your warehousing capacity and earn a worthwhile return on capital deployed. 

Please contact us on to find out more.

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