Who Are We?

Kilowatt Labs is headquartered in New York City, and focuses on the creation of innovative products to address the world’s energy problems.

We have invented, and now manufacture and sell two groundbreaking technologies with significant differentiation into large, existing markets.

We manufacture Sirius supercap storage which is a degradation free, longer-life, faster charging, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to chemical batteries.

We manufacture Centauri energy server which is a stand-alone, integrated power electronics hardware + software platform enabling fossil fuel free microgrids and eliminating the need to configure solutions by deploying disparate components in cumbersome configurations.

By deploying Sirius and Centauri, our goal is to enable the integration of renewable energy into conventional energy distribution systems, ultimately making reliable energy accessible everywhere, especially in underserved regions.



Kilowatt Labs vision is to transition energy storage to a non-chemical future and to enable global energy access by expanding delivery of electricity through renewable generation based microgrids.


We are inventors.

We create solutions to the world’s complex energy problems.

Our products meet the energy demands of today while unlocking the potential of a sustainable energy future—safely, economically, and efficiently.

Kilowatt Labs. Welcome to a better energy future.

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, Co-founder, CEO and CTO

Waseem is the co-founder, inventor, CEO and CTO of Kilowatt Labs, Inc.

Entrepreneur, inventor, strategist and visionary, Waseem has spent the past 25 years, successfully developing and launching initiatives that have changed the business landscape in which they operated. His brilliance lies in deploying existing parts and materials (usually ‘off-the-shelf’) and bringing efficiencies through innovative and creative software design.  Operating in a resource constrained environment in his early years, Waseem has always believed that there is a better and cheaper way of doing things. Waseem leads the Company’s vision, strategy and execution as well as invention and technology development programs.

In the UAE, Waseem is also the founder of Amber & Waseem LLC, which is an R&D company focused on developing power electronics products that solve big, energy related problems; and of both Infusion Power Industries LLC and Infusion Solar Energy Systems LLC, licensee manufacturer and global stockist, respectively, for Kilowatt Labs products.

Prior to launching Kilowatt Labs, Waseem was the founder of Miccgreentec Solar Systems LLC in Dubai, UAE, a research and development company where he invented, developed and commercialized various power electronics technologies. Miccgreentec was merged with Amber & Waseem LLC.

Prior to Miccgreentec, Waseem was the founder and CEO of PAKVoIP, a voice-over-IP technology business.

Prior to launching PAKVoIP, Waseem was the founder, CEO and inventor of Geco.  He developed and commercialized a GPS tracking system, in 1994, that delivered car tracking and fleet management services to individual, corporate and government customers.  In order to develop the GPS tracking system service, Waseem partnered with Karachi Municipality Corporation and digitized the entire map of Karachi (similar to what Google maps does now).

Prior to PAKVoIP, Waseem launched Powertron Electronics, an R&D company focused on developing technologies and products in high-end power electronics primarily for military communication, surveillance and electronics applications

Prior to Powertron, Waseem started his career with the launch of the first indigenous UPS system in Pakistan, through his company Microtrons Electronics.

Waseem is the youngest ever recipient of the National Science Award in Pakistan, which he received at the age of 15.  He has subsequently received several other national accolades.

Waseem is married with 3 children, spends his time between New York and Dubai, and is a graduate in electronics from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Partner Companies

Amber & Waseem General Trading LLC, based in Dubai, UAE, is an R&D firm that is continuously researching innovative products and seeking other business leaders willing to collaborate on projects. Our products take existing technologies in novel directions with ground-breaking results – providing efficient, sustainable energy systems for electricity, transportation, HVAC and much more.

As a global company, Amber & Waseem aims to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer opportunities between North and South - and operate at a scale to materially impact the world’s use of energy by creating pivotal innovations that vastly improve existing technologies, and eliminate barriers to mass adoption.

Infusion Power Industries LLC, located in Dubai, UAE, is a manufacturing facility that manufactures Sirius supercap storage and Centauri energy server, under license from Kilowatt Labs, Inc. Spread over 5 acres, with close to 100,000 sqft of built-up area, Infusion Power Industries is the largest manufacturer of Sirius supercap storage in the world. The facility is fully integrated, which includes Supercap bank assembly, mechanical shop with high-speed laser cutting, automated bending and forming machines, machining centers, electrical assembly, and final assembly. Infusion Power intends to add supercap cell and electronic board manufacturing in 2021.

Infusion Solar Energy Systems LLC, located in Dubai, UAE, is a warehousing and stocking company authorized to stock all Kilowatt Labs products, and supply them to Kilowatt Labs Value Added Resellers all over the world. Infusion Solar’s state-of-the-art warehousing facility and stocking ability ensures VAR’s have access to the Kilowatt Labs’ product range in the shortest possible time. Infusion Solar has expanded its operations by appointing sub-stockists as regional centres, like Germany for Europe, further reducing delivery times to VAR’s. In 2021, it plans to roll-out sub-stockists in North America, Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Australia.

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