Sirius Supercap modules store energy electrostatically (no chemical reaction or chemical electrolyte present), thereby delivering the finest performance for telecom applications with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
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Sirius Supercap Storage does not degrade with cycling, which makes it last longer than any chemical battery.
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Centauri Energy Server + Sirius Supercap Storage based microgrids deliver reliable, consistent, and affordable electricity, anywhere in the world.
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The rapid discharge capability of Sirius Supercap Storage enables seamless ride-through regardless of load profile, thereby protecting critical assets.
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Become a Partner

If you are interested in joining us as a Partner in revolutionizing the way storage can be optimized across multiple industries, let’s talk!
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Industrial Equipment

Sirius Supercap Storage is the ideal solution to keep industrial equipment running consistently due to its continuous uptime, long life, fast-charging ability, and temperature resilience.
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Sirius Supercap Storage has rapid charge capability without capacity degradation – this enables charging during downtime, so the forklift is always available when required without compromising cycle life.
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Family Home & Business Storage Solutions

This client aimed to have an energy system that was scalable towards saving on his utility bill and having power when the primary grid is not available.

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Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries at Medical Store Limited in Zambia

Funded by Innovation Norway and supported by UNDP, our Supercap was used to serve critical cooling devices at this warehouse that stores medicine and vaccines.

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Installation of an off-grid system in Dukana, a residential town in Kenya

Dukana is a town of residents, and micro and small enterprises whose incomes were impacted by interrupted power supply.

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Remote Cell Site Powered by Sirius Supercap Storage in California

The first Sirius Supercap installation in the Telecom industry in the USA.

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December 28, 2020
Kilowatt Labs announces the launch of its Open Frame Sirius (OFS) Partner Program

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November 9, 2020
Kilowatt Labs Announces Development of Solid State Supercap Cells

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October 15, 2020
Development of Electric Vehicle Product Range Launched

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October 11, 2020
Kilowatt Labs Announces 62% Increase in Energy Density of Gen4 Supercap Cell

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