Manufacturing Facility

The integrated manufacturing facility in Dubai has a built-up area of 100,000 sq. ft spread over 5 acres, with a production capacity of 250MWh per year scalable to 600MWh per year. It is the largest supercap storage facility in the world.

The plant is vertically integrated and facilities include:

  • Supercap bank assembly – supercap banks are assembled on multi-head automated robotic machines ensuring accuracy, high-precision, and quality.
  • Mechanical shop – the facility uses high-speed laser cutting, automated bending and forming machines, and machining centers for the manufacturing of:
    • all module casings – both internal and external, and in Aluminum, GI, and plastic
    • all steel racking systems
    • all copper busbars, terminals, and other accessories
  • Electrical assembly – electronic control boards, wire harnesses, busbars, solid-state relays are assembled via automated and semi-automated processes.
  • Final assembly – the supercap banks are ultimately assembled with electrical components and casings.

The efficient operation of the facility is contributed to our:

  • Trained production and assembly staff
  • Dedicated unit for assembly and fit-out of containerized systems – the containerized solutions unit has teams that prepare the containers including insulation, foundations, ducting, cabling, safety, HVAC, distribution boards, input/output ports and fit out of the storage modules.
  • R&D – we have an in-house team of engineers who design the software/firmware, write the code for all our products, and have also developed the highly user-friendly interfaces for Sirius View and Micro Grid View.
  • Shipping and logistics team – overseeing end-to-end packing, loading, racking, container stuffing, shipping, and logistics.

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