Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrid solutions deliver electricity connectivity with unprecedented performance at the lowest cost in the world.

Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrids are based on the patented Centauri Energy Server and Sirius Energy Storage modules, combined with renewable and non-renewable generation sources.

The Centauri Energy Server delivers power control system functionality to operate a microgrid. It eliminates the need to procure, install, and sync multiple elements like PV inverters, MPPTs, battery inverters, SCADA, microgrid controllers, communication and logging software, safeties, etc.

Combined with Sirius Energy Storage, Kilowatt Labs’ Microgrid solutions deliver reliable, stable, consistent, and maintenance-free electricity affordably, which can be deployed in any size from kW to MW, supply any kind of load from a house to a city, and can be installed in any application.

energy storage system
Centauri Energy Server and Sirius Energy Storage
Kilowatt Labs Centauri + Sirius Containerized Microgrid System
sirius energy storage

5th Generation Modules

IHS Modules

Etisalat Modules

OFS Modules

Medium Voltage

Low Voltage

Key Features

Singular, plug-and-play platformPlug-and-play connectivity for concurrent, multiple, DC or AC generation inputsPlug-and-play connectivity for storage AC Output - Handles torque loads and inrush currents up to 1000% for 2s Standard Features
Eliminates the need to buy PV inverters, MPPTs, battery inverters, SCADA, microgrid controllers, communication and logging software, safetiesPV, DG, grid, etc.

No upper limit to renewable input connectivity

Seamless switching between input sources (0.00ms) – does not destabilize the load

Energy blending or sequential usage of input sources
Does not require additional battery inverter

Handles renewable intermittency by switching seamlessly between renewable generation and storage

Concurrently charges storage during PV generation hours
No oversizing necessary to start motors, compressors - loads with surge currents

Actively corrects power factor losses caused by the load to 1

Filters harmonics caused by the load

50/60Hz settable
Data logging, monitoring, and control

Bypass – auto, static, manual


Auto genset start/stop

Modular and scalable – power capacity can be increased by adding servers in parallel


  • Centauri is a singular and integrated software and hardware platform that does not require any additional hardware, software, protection, switching, or monitoring solutions.
  • Because the Centauri has been designed as one unit, it is optimized to deliver high efficiency, resilience, and error-free operation.
  • Centauri and Sirius are modular, so capacities can be increased with growing demand.
  • PV plants are optimized due to the high roundtrip efficiency of the Sirius Storage, coupled with Centauri’s efficiency levels.
  • Centauri corrects power factor losses generated by the load and filters harmonics, allowing optimization of energy input sources.
  • Centauri can deliver sequential or blended power from input sources (AC or DC).
  • The system has a design life of 20 years.
  • No replacement or disposal costs.
  • No environmental impact.

Summary Data Sheet

Rated power 20kW 40kW 80kW
Rated current 91 A 182 A 91 A
Output power factor 1
Rated input voltage 380 Vac ± 20%
DC voltage 360Vdc
Inverter voltage 380 Vac three-phase + N+PE
Phase voltage 220 / 230 / 240 Vac (settable)
Output voltage precision ± 1%
Rated frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 1 Hz (settable)
Waveform Sinusoidal
Voltage unbalance ± 3% (100% unbalanced load)

Case Study

The implementation of an off-grid solution using the Sirius Supercap Energy Storage and Centauri Energy Server has enabled an incredible increase in production levels by micro and small enterprises in the town of Dukana, located in Marsabit, Kenya – hospitals are able to attend to more patients, schools can now operate for longer hours, and overall, the maintenance costs of these institutions were brought down to a minimum.


Residents have also found newer sources of income by opening up refrigeration and welding services, hair salons, and phone charging stations, none of which would have been successful without the assurance of uninterrupted power supply provided by Centauri Energy Server and Sirius Energy Storage.

Powering Local Hospitals

Refrigeration Business

Lit-Up Homes

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