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KiloWatt Labs takes utmost pride in presenting groundbreaking technologies focused on storing energy in a more so environmentally friendly and safer manner. We present a range of solar battery storage solutions for various industries across the world.

We boast of a fully-equipped manufacturing facility based in Dubai that is spread over 5 acres of land and has a production capacity of 250MWh per year that is scalable to 600MWh per year, thereby being the largest supercap storage facility in the world. The efficient operations of our facility are guaranteed by a team of highly qualified and trained production and assembly staff, all of whom are dedicated to delivering scalable and long-lasting energy storage solutions to our clients.

Features Of Our Battery For Off Grid Solar Systems

Sirius Supercap Storage for solar + storage applications is the finest product available in the market. Because Sirius Supercap Storage has a storage process that has no chemical electrolyte, it does not degrade when cycled. And it does not create heat when charging or discharging.

Based on electrostatic storage that was invented in 1746 (54 years before chemical storage), Sirius Supercap Storage is safe, long lasting and fully recyclable.

Sirius Supercap Storage is now the benchmark for solar + storage applications – long life, safe, fully recyclable, and economical.

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OFS Modules 2

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Medium Voltage

Low Voltage






Key Features

Optimal operating temperature range-10⁰C to 55⁰C
Extreme temperature range-30°C to 80°C
Max. charge / discharge rate1C
Capacity available100%
Over temperature
Short circuit
Heat generated during cyclingNo
Capacity degradation due to cyclingNo


  • Up to 25 years non-degradation warranty
  • -10⁰C to 55⁰C operating temperature range with no impact on capacity or cycle life
  • 1C high charge/discharge rate with no impact on capacity or cycle life
  • 100% capacity within operating temperature range
  • No heat generated during cycling
  • No capacity degradation due to cycling
  • In-built safeties protect the module against voltage and current issues
  • Remote monitoring
  • No risk of thermal runaway
  • No maintenance required post-installation
  • Environmentally friendly – no disposal impact, fully recyclable

Summary Data Sheet


Model Number 465-12-B-0.9C-TM-A-G
Voltage (Nominal) 12 Vdc 24 Vdc
Maximum Charge Voltage 13.5 Vdc 27 Vdc
Maximum Discharge Rate 11 Vdc 22 Vdc 22 Vdc
Energy Capacity 465Wh 1864Wh 3000Wh
Maximum Charge Rate 35A 80A 100A
Maximum Discharge Rate 35A 80A 100A
Dimensions (w × d × h) (mm) 313 x 183 x 204 419 x 474 x 200 493 x 514 x 222
Weight (kg) 41 65 135


Model Number 1860-48-B-1C-M-SD-A-G
Voltage (Nominal) 48 Vdc
Maximum Charge Voltage 54 Vdc
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 44 Vdc
Energy Capacity 1864Wh 3550Wh 7100Wh
Maximum Charge Rate 40A 125A 296A
Maximum Discharge Rate 40A 125A 296A
Dimensions (w × d × h) (mm) 419 x 474 x 200 600 x 534 x 200 608 x 530 x 345
Weight (kg) 41 65 135

Comparison with Chemical Batteries

  Solar Battery
rfdc Sirius VRLA Li Ion
Useable Capacity 100% 50% 80%
End of Life Capacity 100% 80% 75%
Average Warranty * 25 years Max 5 years Max 10 years
If you need 1kWh of energy storage every day for 10 years, then you need to buy: 1kWh
Lead Acid
Li Ion


Note:- Estimates from publicly available data

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