The Centauri Energy Server is a comprehensive, fully integrated, power electronics hardware and software platform that delivers utility grade power from any combination of DC or AC sources including 100% renewable generation and storage.

The Patented Centauri Energy Server is a stand alone solution that completely replaces the multiple components required for integrated microgrid systems:

  • No PV inverter
  • No charge controller
  • No battery inverter
  • No AC or DC coupling
  • No communication software


  • No microgrid controller
  • No safety devices
  • No logging software 
  • No need to buy any additional hardware or software

Key Attributes

  • Accepts multiple inputs, DC and AC, concurrently 
  • Handles renewable intermittency by switching seamlessly between generation and storage
  • Handles torque loads of up to 1000% for 2 seconds
  • Seamless switching between multiple input sources without destabilizing the load
  • Accepts 6x PV input without oversizing

Comparison with Legacy System

Feature CentauriLegacy System
Torque Load Handling (handles surge currents to enable independent running of all types of loads: inductive, resistive, and capacitive)1,000% for 2 secMaximum 250% - 300% for 15 sec (as per PPT) Not Available (as per website)
System efficiency (generation to output) 96.7% - 99.1%60% - 80%
Charge storage from PVYes (connects 6x PV capacity)No (0.5-1.3x PV capacity)
Battery charging inverter, flexibility in type of battery connectivityBuilt-inNo – to be purchased separately
Power factor correction of load and harmonics filteringYesNo
Multiple source input, sequential or blended output, seamless switchingYesNo
Auto genset start / controlYesOptional
Remote monitoring and controlYesOptional
Built-in safeties and BOSYesNo
Plug-and-play (no external systems required)YesNo
Installed system cost ($/W)Better economics than any other systemBetter economics than any other system

Centauri Energy Server – Applications

Centauri Energy Server can be deployed in any location, to service any kind of load profile (from kW to MW), with or without grid access or generator availability:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Utility
  • Island states and rural communities
  • Military bases
  • Displaced persons’ camps
  • Mines
  • Disaster relief
  • Agricultural farms bases

Key Features

Continuous Power20kW - 1 MW
Generation InputsPV



Diesel Generator (s)

Storage InputsSirius supercapacitor storage

Lead Acid

Li Ion
Load3 - phase AC output (50Hz or 60Hz)
Communication ModuleIn-built
Automation ModuleOptional
Transformer Module (for input and/or output voltage control) Optional
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