Becoming an OFS Partner enables you to build foreground IP around Sirius supercap storage and deploy it in your product. By doing so, you are able to differentiate your product from your competition that is using chemical storage and therefore, rapidly increase your market share.
  OFS - energy storage system
The OFS solution consists of a supercap based storage pack (supercap cells connected in series and parallel), Kilowatt Labs proprietary control electronics, and communication protocols. The OFS solution is designed on the parameters defined by the OFS Partner (VDC, Wh, C-rate, size, volume etc.), which is then embedded by the OFS Partner with its integration systems (its foreground IP) and deployed in an industry specific solution. Examples include solutions for drones, medical apparatus, gardening equipment, power tools, AGV’s, mining machinery, earth moving equipment and much more.
As an OFS Partner, you receive a license to use the OFS solution specific to your application that enables you to deploy it in your product and sell in your defined territory. You can also sell the OFS solution combined with your foreground IP to other product manufacturers. Finally, as an OFS licensee, you get access to the world’s leading R&D lab designing supercap storage solutions, technical training, training and after-sales support.
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