This client aimed to have an energy system that was scalable towards saving on his utility bill and having power when the primary grid is not available. Initially, this client opted to install a 5kW grid tie system to reduce his energy costs. He then had 15kVA inverter installed with 1 x 7.1kWh Sirius supercapacitor module to test the waters further. Finally, 3 x 7.1kWh Sirius supercapacitor modules were added at a later stage that took the client 80 % off the grid. This client is thrilled by the result of having a 15kVA off-grid inverter with 5kW solar grid tie inverter, 6kWp panels, and 2 x MPPT chargers with 6kWp of solar panels. He is now reaping the benefits of 4 x 7.1 kWh Sirius supercapacitor modules that provide 28kWh of storage and have reduced his monthly bill significantly.
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