The town of Dukana is located in northern Kenya and inhabits residents and micro and small enterprises (MSE) who have limited or no power supply. In collaboration with our VAR in Kenya, W. Giertsen Energy Solutions, a Kilowatt Labs off-grid solution was deployed using Sirius Supercapacitor Energy Storage (116kWh) and Centauri Energy Server (40kW) and PV solar (39kWp), which facilitated an incredible increase in the production levels of local businesses in the region. Previously, these facilities were powered by small solar panels with chemical batteries that could only run for a few hours and diesel generators that were expensive to maintain. This system supplies the entire community from a central supply, rather than individual systems on homes, enabling more optimal utilization. The Centauri Energy Servers control enables delivery of stable, continuous, grid quality electricity that has enabled great opportunities for the residents, including the emergence of new businesses like refrigeration, welding, and phone charging stations, among others. Essential services such as schools and hospitals have also improved drastically – hospitals remain open for longer hours, and students are now able to use computers to study more productively. We are proud to claim that the Kilowatt Labs microgrid based on Centauri Energy Server and Sirius Energy Storage and PV solar has enabled the Dukana community to realize their potential for higher incomes and contributed towards a substantial reduction in poverty.
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