Much like many of our clients, this farm was also alarmed at the extraordinarily high utility bills from their power suppliers, so they decided to make the switch to an off-the-grid solar-powered system. Our solution was designed to handle large daily loads of farm operation with 20kWp of solar panels and 3 x 15kVA Victron Inverters, with a 15kW Diesel generator as a backup for rainy days. The ‘heart’ of this system is none other than 6 x 3.55kWh Sirius supercapacitor storage modules that deliver power for night usage. The Sirius storage bank enables the client to run off storage at night, and its fast and efficient charging mechanism allows this bank to be recharged by the early morning sun. The also supports the load during the day. The Piet Retief farm including its 3 homes and 2 guest houses has now disconnected themselves from the utility and enjoys freedom of efficient energy storage.
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