The Matoya Fishing Lodge offers 5-star luxury in a remote location, due to which their cost of fuel used for backup electricity was exorbitantly high. With temperatures as high as 50°C, they use a significant amount of energy for air conditioning, cold storage, and ice generation. The lodge has already replaced one of their three battery banks within 7 years, while the other two have also lost significant capacity.  The Sirius Supercapacitor Energy Storage was the ideal solution for this lodge because:
  • Lead Acid batteries are not suitable in such high operating temperatures
  • Sirius supercap storage has significantly more cycles than traditional batteries and will last much longer
  • It only requires 85.2 kWh of storage to power the lodge for 95% of the nights, as opposed to lead acid technologies that require at least 230 kWh
Currently, the lodge runs with 6 x 7.1 kWh units with reduced generator runtimes, and the staff no longer has to check and fill the batteries on a daily basis. Our units are warrantied not to degrade for up to 10 years of operation – there is no comparable technology that can operate under these circumstances and have a reasonable life-expectancy.
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